Young girl writing and drawing

Introduction to Child Development

The study of early childhood development centers on children’s physical/motor, psychosocial, cognitive, language, and literacy development from ages prebirth to eight years. Although we will look at each of these separately, it is important to realize that all development is interactive and mutually dependent. For example, a child’s trust (psychosocial development) influences the extent to which they will explore their surroundings for new information (cognitive development). Hearing acuity (physical development), influences a child’s speech and language (cognitive, language, literacy development). This development coupled with a child’s unique cultural, gender, and socioeconomic characteristics impact the various ways which a child lives, plays and learns.

As you promote development, please remember that each child has gifts to offer you, the adult. Although simple, these gifts are powerful and strengthen the bond and relationship between you:
Unqualified friendship/love: From the showering of a child’s first smile, to the making of their first picture, your bond continually grows.
Absolute Trust: Children believe in you: in their eyes you are strong and wise and they will relax trusting you will keep them safe.
The Thrill of Discovery: Explore the world as your child does, and share in the delight of experiencing your environment on their level, for the first time. You probably will discover abilities and talent you never dreamed you possessed.
Heights of Emotion: So much joy, pride, excitement, and hugs: as well as frustration, anxiety, and anger. Our challenge is to accept and empathize with these feelings, while offering the best possible guidance.

And remember, you have gifts to offer a child:
Self-Esteem: Your child needs you to believe in him as he learns to believe in himself. Self-esteem allows him to grow up happy and emotionally healthy.
Joy in Life: The more joyful you are, especially around your child, the more delightful life will be to him and the more eagerly he will embrace it.
Skills and Abilities: Don’t be afraid to give your child opportunities and let him learn on his own terms and at his own rate.

May you continue to be an intricate part of your child’s development, while having “Fun to Flourish”.