What you should expect

You are choosing someone who responsible for your children’s physical, developmental, emotional, and behavioral needs.

Your nanny will:

  • Provide basic care—feeding, bathing, dressing, and creating a healthy and safe environment for your children;
  • Nurture, motivate, and challenge your children;
  • Be an example to your children;
  • Reinforce the values established by you – the parents;
  • Foster learning through educational and hands on experiences;
  • Plan and organize activities and playdates;
  • Become an extension of the parenting-team, providing positive, consistent limitations and discipline as directed by the parents;
  • Plan and prepare nutritionally sound breakfasts and lunches for the child. Clean up afterwards;
  • Care for child’s laundry and children’s areas of the home;
  • Pick up after the children and help the children become responsible for themselves throughout the home;
  • Transport children to medical appointments, classes, and other activities;
  • Maintain a daily log of activities to provide continuity with parents;
  • Care for your children when they are sick, and
  • Act accordingly in case of emergency.

As every family is unique, each family is encouraged to develop their expectations with the nanny to create a strong, consistent working relationship.

Start your search for your qualified Nanny

First Step – please complete our Begin Your Search form. Many families have questions and are more comfortable speaking with us before submitting their registration form.  Please feel free to either call our office between 9:00 and 5:00 Monday through Friday at 513.561.4810, or submit this contact form and we will get back with you within 24 business hours.

If you are ready to begin the process, fill out our Registration form and Placement agreement. Using the new insights that we have discovered, this form helps us work out the perfect match for your great family.

Once we receive everything, we contact you to discuss your needs and requirements in greater detail and initiate your search.