What to expect

When a family chooses you to be their Nanny, they are selecting someone who will:

  • Care for the child’s physical, developmental, emotional, and behavioral needs;
  • Nurture, motivate and challenge their children;
  • Be an example to their children;
  • Instill the values established by the family;
  • Foster learning through educational and hands-on experience;
  • Care for the children when they are sick, and
  • Act accordingly in case of emergency

Every day, you’ll feed, dress, and create a healthy, safe environment for the children. You’ll drive the children to activities, plan and organize special activities and play dates, teach children through academic and hands-on experience, and provide other structured, age-appropriate activities. Sometimes you’ll take the children to doctor’s appointments, pick up groceries, shop for children’s supplies, or go to the dry cleaner.

Each day you’ll maintain a log to document information for the parents such as: feedings/meals, nap time, diaper changes, milestone achievements, activities, and overall comments on the day. Every family is unique, and each family is encouraged to develop their expectations with you to create a strong, consistent working relationship. You can so do this.

Different types of placements

Different titles —ongoing, temporary, occasional, hotel child care— there are different types of Nannies and child-care providers. Our specialty is placing long-term, full- and part-time nannies, yet we also offer other short-term and specialized nannies for our clients.


Both family and Nanny are seeking a long-term relationship. We’ll ask you to make a minimum one-year commitment to your family.

  • Your work: Full-time
    A full-time Nanny works 40 or more hours per week. Full-time Nannys are typically compensated with a weekly salary, and receive benefits such as paid holidays, paid time off, reimbursement for mileage when using your own vehicle for job related activities, and possibly a contribution towards your health insurance, depending on your situation.
    Your pay:
    Average compensation ranges from $600 to $750 gross per week. Salary ranges are based upon your individual qualifications and the requirements of the job.
  • Your work: Part-time
    Part-time Nannies work less than 40 hours per week. You may be compensated on either a weekly salary (typically for heavier part time hours) or an hourly basis. Part-time Nannies often receive some holiday pay, some paid time off, and reimbursement for mileage when driving the children or running errands for the family.
    Your pay:
    Average compensation ranges from $14-$20 gross per hour.


Temporary Nannies are needed for a specified time only. Some examples:

  • Newborn Specialists help after the birth of a child. Both daytime and night time hours are available.
  • Summer Nannies care for school age children over their summer break.
  • Fill-in Nannies assist a family while their current provider is on vacation, medical leave, etc.
  • Your pay:
    Temporary Nannies are compensated on a weekly salary for a full-time temporary provider, or hourly for a part-time temporary provider. Compensation ranges above typically apply.


Sometimes our registered families need a provider to care for the children if they go out during the evening or while they travel out of town,

Your pay:
Occasional Provider compensation is $15 per hour, with a minimum of four hours. Overnight care will range from $250 to $350 per overnight depending upon requirements of the job.

Hotel Child Care

We provide in-room hotel child care with the highest caliber hotels for families visiting the Greater Cincinnati area.

Your pay:
Compensation for the provider is $15 per hour, with a four hour minimum, plus reimbursement for parking, or arrangement for valet parking, if applicable (primarily downtown hotels).